Exposed: Aninri PDP chieftain reveals who is behind Aninri electric project

The chronic liar Mr Bennett Ajah, Aninri council Chairman, has been exposed once again after he threw a party to claim that he was behind the ongoing electricity renovation project in the council area.

Recall that Aluta-Express has led righteous assault on this man last week, fact-checked his administration and uncovered a lot of theft, lies and gross embezzlement.

Earlier this week, Bennett and his media idiots floated a narrative that the ongoing electricity project was the handiwork of his administration. But he lied.

It is very verifiable that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is doing the electric work.

One of the candidates for a seat within Enugu West zone (name witheld for important reasons) was the person who approached the governor.

Now, it is reasonable to expect such a smart move. Entering into mainstream political scene from the background of activism, this candidate obviously recognized the negative potentials of the ravages of the 23-year-old PDP misrule in 2023 polls.

This is also coupled with the fact that Aninri would be conspicuously dark on the face of the electrified Awgu local government area, its closest neighbor.

Recall that Ugwuanyi adminstration has mandated Aninri alongside other council areas in the rural localities to ensure good supply of electricity this Yuletide.

Smart council bosses like Hon. Pedro of Awgu has heeded the instructions. Greedy ones like Bennett Ajah wanted to divert the approved fund into his personal pockets. But he was unlucky; the press exposed him to hurtful public backlashes.

According to reliable sources, Governor Ugwuanyi, last Friday, has credited additional N2 million to Aninri for the electric project with another promised N6 million when governor received security vote allowance next week.

Out of the 23 Aninri constituents we interviewed, 17 said they believed “there is no truth” in Ajah-led administration.

Within the space of 8 months, Bennett Ajah has told Aninri average of 23 big lies, including the false claim that he built Mpu Liberty primary school, the building project actually done by a private citizen, one Anichukwu, notable philanthropist from Mpu town.

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