Journalists in Enugu sold their souls to Ugwuanyi – cleric

A popular Enugu-based cleric, Apostle Celestine Ugwumba, has said that the media is to blamed for the shambles and the shackles of poverty in the state.

He stated this when I visited for his opinion on the ugly state of Achalla Layout in Enugu metropolis.

The man of God quoted the words of the former governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa who, while granting interview to Punch newspaper on Sunday, said that the Nigerian media has failed the society.

The spiritual leader of Mega City Church has also lambasted governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, but insisted that the present administration might not have failed completely as it has done had the press stood up to its responsibilities.

“Every page of the newspaper that talks about Enugu State is full of praises. If it is not that Ugwuanyi has done this wonder it would be that he has plucked down the stars in the sky. And the people are deceived.

“Does it mean that he has got everything right? If you’re outside Enugu you’d be blaming the governor of the State of your residence, comparing him with the almighty Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. The media people have failed us.

“The reporters here have sold their souls to the devil and to gov Ugwuanyi. And its a shame. I’m disappointed.” he fumed.

You can’t see where reporters in Enugu mention the decaying infrastructure or talk about the hunger crisis in the state. To the reporters journalism is all about praises, the cleric said, pointing out that the teaming suffering masses in the rural areas have no voice to speak of their plight.

He asked me to look around his environs as I was going. Seeing the amount of damages in the area, you would resist with great difficulty to use abusive words on those corrupt repoters who are bent in hiding the sorry state of Enugu away from the public.



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